Source code for ajenti.ui

from ajenti.api import *

import binder
from inflater import Inflater
from element import p, on, UIElement

[docs]class UI (BasePlugin): """ The root UI object, one per session """
[docs] def init(self): self.inflater = Inflater.get()
[docs] def create(self, typeid, *args, **kwargs): """ Creates an element by its type ID. :param typeid: type ID :type typeid: str """ return self.inflater.create_element(self, typeid, *args, **kwargs)
[docs] def inflate(self, layout): """ :param layout: layout spec: "<plugin id>:<layout file name without extension>" :type layout: str :returns: an inflated element tree of the given layout XML name :rtype: UIElement """ return self.inflater.inflate(self, layout)
[docs] def render(self): """ Renders the UI into JSON :rtype: dict """ return self.root.render()
[docs] def find(self, id): """ :param id: element ID :type id: str :returns: nearest element with given ID :rtype: UIElement, None """ return self.root.find(id)
[docs] def find_uid(self, uid): """ :param uid: element UID :type uid: int :returns: nearest element with given unique ID :rtype: UIElement, None """ return self.root.find_uid(uid)
[docs] def dispatch_event(self, uid, event, params=None): """ Dispatches an event to an element with given UID :param uid: element UID :type uid: int :param event: event name :type event: str :param params: event arguments :type params: dict, None """ self.root.dispatch_event(uid, event, params)
[docs] def has_updates(self): """ Checks for pending UI updates :rtype: bool """ return self.root.has_updates()
[docs] def clear_updates(self): """ Marks all pending updates as processed """ return self.root.clear_updates()
__all__ = ['UI', 'UIElement', 'p', 'on', 'binder']
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