Plugin resourcesΒΆ

Plugin resource files are contained under content directory nested in the plugin directory. The content directory can optionally contain css, js and static directories holding files of respective types.

Ajenti will accept following filename extensions. injected resources will be added to <head> of web UI. cleaned resources will be deleted before build. compile resources will be pre-processed using applicable compiler.

  • /content/js/*.js - source JS (compile)
  • /content/css/*.css - source JS (compile)
  • /content/js/*.coffee - source CoffeeScript (compile)
  • /content/css/*.less - source LESS (compile)
  • /content/css/*.i.less - source LESS included somewhere else (ignored)
  • /content/js/*.m.js - pre-built JS (injected)
  • /content/css/*.m.css - pre-built CSS (injected)
  • /content/js/*.c.js - compiled JS (injected, cleaned)
  • /content/css/*.c.css - compiled CSS (injected, cleaned)

Resources under /static/ are served over HTTP at the following URL: /ajenti:static/<plugin-name>/<resource-path>, e.g.: /ajenti:static/main/favicon.png.

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